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As Little As 25 Minutes A Day

Pain Relief And Toe Realignment Sleeve 

  • Separate Toes 

  • Prevent Binding Toes

  • Helps with Hammer Toe

  • Bunion Alignment Therapy

  • Reduce Bunion Discomfort

Sootheez Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve
Sootheez Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve Pack 3 Pairs (2+1 Free) / Small (US 4.5-7 | EU 35-40)
Sootheez Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve
Sootheez Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve
Sootheez Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve
Sootheez Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve
Sootheez Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve Pack 3 Pairs (2+1 Free) / Small (US 4.5-7 | EU 35-40)
Sootheez Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve
Sootheez Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve
Sootheez Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve

Orthopedic Bunion Corrector Sleeve

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  • Pack 3 Pairs (2+1 Free)
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  • Small (US 4.5-7 | EU 35-40)
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The best benefits

Stretching comfort your feet will love

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Bunion Alignment Therapy
A traditional sock cannot offer proper balance and alignment but our Bunion Orthopedic Corrector Sleeve are designed for this purpose.

Reduce Swelling
This Sleeve give you increased flexibility, sensation and increased movement and allows for increased circulation.

Prevent Blisters
They are designed to separate each toe in order to prevent skin on skin friction and binding of toes so that the possibility of getting blisters
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Advanced Toe Corrector

No more rubbing and soreness
Our Bunion straightener will help to realign the big toe back to its more natural position by slowly releasing built up tension and relieving soreness. As an added bonus, you will get improved balance and gait.

Feel immediate pain relief
Our Bunion corrector uses a soft silicone pad to reduce friction and prevent blisters and calluses from forming in your sensitive foot area. Effectively alleviate the pain from hallux valgus, Hammer Toe, Turf Toe, Toe Overlapping or toe drift.

Versatile and Multifunctional
Our bunion protectors can be worn almost everywhere in shoes, inside socks, or over them, during nighttime or while running and in the yoga class.


Effectively reduces pain in the big toe joint
The toe gel separators are carefully designed to maximise flexibility, soft and stretchable, easy to clean and reuse. Provide all-day protection. Furthermore, it can also be used to prevent postoperative recurrence.

Realigns the position of the big toe joint to its natural state
Bunion Corrector will help realign your big toe joint and slow the progression of misalignment. Along with supportive hook and loop strapping to supply strong yet gentle pressure on the Hallux Valgus.

Perfectly guards big toe lump caused by a bunion
Bunion Protector Sleeve Socks with gel pad cushioning provide comfort and protection from rubbing, blistering, or inflammation. Ultimate relief for irritated bunions. Perfect to wear under socks or shoes.

Happy Customers

Charlotte G

Awesome and Effective

This has worked great so far! I had horrible pain in my right toe joint, and I would only get relief by stretching my toe to the side, but it still typically ached after stretching. I wore this for a solid 8 hours the first day, probably longer because I fell asleep with it on even though it fell off mid-sleep, but my toe feels SO MUCH BETTER! I wore it again, for an hour, the next day and my toe and foot feel a lot better. This did wonders and I recommend. Great budget buy that worked!!! I will continue to wear this to aid with my foot posture and foot care.
Mia J

Why Didn’t I Buy These Sooner?

I received these today for my big toes which both turn sharply towards my other toes on each foot. It’s very painful and up until today, I’ve not found a product that fits well while relieving some of that pain. The little “sock” attached to the corrector is very soft and flexible, but it fits securely into place and stays put. The gel corrector doesn’t rub my toes raw while walking or wearing them with shoes. I am very happy with the product and will buy a few more pairs to have on hand. Instant relief!
Olivia G

At last relief from pain!!!

Thank you so much for making this wonderful item. The minute I put it on I felt relief from the awful pain I've had for years. It works great when your sleeping but when you put on your slippers or a pair of sneakers or shoes the part that fits around your whole foot does get all bunched up.
Diamond S

Provides the much needed support to the bunions

I have been using it for a week and this bunion corrector has given me immense relief and it helps my toe with the needed cushion. It helps create the right gap and not put pressure on the adjacent finger..
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long each day should I wear a bunion corrector?

Bunion correctors are recommended to be worn overnight. This is generally because they are too bulky to wear under socks and shoes and require you to be barefoot. You should wear these bunion correctors overnight but you can also wear it during the day as well.

How long should I wear them?

You should wear them at least 25 min a day for proper stretching & realigning your toe.

Do bunion correctors really work?

Research suggests that bunion correctors aren't 100% effective at realigning your big toe or at getting rid of bunions. But they may help provide pain relief, while you wear them.

Do the toe alignment socks help hammer toes?

The Toe Corrector sleeve have soft divider between toes & gradually (by wearing them everyday) help push the crooked toe in to its proper place. This is a very slow process and need to be consistent by wearing the toe socks at least 25 minutes a day. You can wear them overnight to obtain the maximum effect and faster results.

How should I wash them?

Please wash them by hand and dry at normal temperature

Can I walk in these socks?

Although Toe Correctors are designed to be worn in relaxed position when feet have no stress or pressure on them, you can still wear them around the house or for a small walk. Remember: They are most effective while sitting, lying down or sleeping.

My feet keep hurting after I put it on, what should I do?

Please take them off and consult your Podiatrist

Are these sleeves designed for women only?

No, Toe correctors are designed for both, women and men.

What is the best bunion Corrector in 2022?

Chicago City-based podiatrist Dr. Matthew O'Reilly, recommends our silicone toe separator to his patients with mild to moderate bunions