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Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks PACK 10 Pairs (6 Beige, FREE 3 Black + 1 Pink) Best Seller
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks PACK 6 Pairs (4 Beige, FREE Black & Pink) Only 12 Left
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks PACK 10 Pairs (6 Beige, FREE 3 Black + 1 Pink) Best Seller
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks PACK 6 Pairs (4 Beige, FREE Black & Pink) Only 12 Left
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks
Women's Toe Socks

Women's Toe Socks

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  • 10 Pairs (6 Beige, 3 Black, 1 Pink)
  • 6 Pairs (4 Beige, 1 Black, 1 Pink)
  • 3 Pairs (Beige, Black, Pink)
  • Beige (1 Pair)
  • Black (1 Pair)
  • Pink (1 Pair)
The best benefits

Stretching comfort your feet will love

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Bunion Care and Alignment Solutions
Unlike traditional socks, toe socks are specifically designed to enhance balance and alignment.

Enhanced Movement and Comfort
Toe socks enhance flexibility and sensation, promoting greater movement and improved circulation

Aid in Blister Prevention
These socks are crafted to individually separate toes, reducing skin-on-skin friction and minimizing toe binding to lower the risk of blisters
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Premium Socks for Bunions

Each sock in our collection is thoughtfully designed for those who prioritize foot comfort. 

Our range includes various socks, from cozy options perfect for relaxation to innovative designs that focus on comfort and foot care.
Our customers often share their positive experiences, highlighting the comfort and quality of our socks. 

The original designs in our collection reflect our dedication to offering comfortable, high-quality foot care options.

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Since 2018
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Over 150,000+ Alignment Socks Sold
Advanced Socks Development  

Womens toe socks

Advanced Socks Development

Non-Slip Heel Grip
Designed with gel gripper on the heel to prevent our low-cut socks from slipping into your shoes.

Very Thin & incredibly stretchy
With greater stretch and stay-up power, this edition of 5 toe socks are sure to be a hit

Environmental Protection
At Sootheez, we only use non-toxic, natural, and ecological materials. This creates the incomparable experience of Toe Socks.

Widely used by

Standing & walking professions
You can wear them for 12 hours straight without hurting your foot.

Runners, Walkers & Travelers
They're an essential accessory that helps keep your legs and feet comfortable when traveling, walking or running

Healthcare Workers & Teachers
Can help alleviate symptoms, like swollen feet, that come from long standing. Designed for nurses and healthcare professionals, teachers etc.
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Socks for bunions Asked Questions

Do bunion socks really work?

Bunion socks or splints can provide relief from discomfort and may help to gently reposition the big toe. However, they're unlikely to provide long-term correction of the bunion deformity. They can be useful for symptom relief.

How long should I wear them

You should wear them at least 15 min a day for proper stretching & realigning your toes.

Toe Socks Prevent Blisters

Five toe design prevents the rubbing between toes & reduces blisters.

Toe alignment socks &  hammer toes

The toe Socksanas have soft dividers between toes & gradually (by wearing them everyday) help push the crooked toe in to its proper place. 

How should I wash them?

Please wash them by hand and dry at normal temperature

Can I walk in these socks?

Although Toe Socksanas are designed to be worn in relaxed position when feet have no stress or pressure on them, you can still wear them around the house or for a small walk. Remember: They are most effective while sitting, lying down or sleeping.

What materials are the socks made from?

Structure of 3 layers Inner Silk Layer: The part touched by skin is gentle and keeps moisture of skin. It keeps your feet cooler in summer, warmer in winter. Middle Nylon and Polyurethane Layer: It achieves high retroactivity and your foot is wrapped with comfort. Outer Cotton Layer: The durability and the strength becomes high. Material: 78% Silk, 21% Polyester, and 1% Polyurethane

Are Toe Socks designed for women only?

Yes, Toe Socksanas are designed only for women. We are working to make them for men as well but for the moment we only have a women sizes.

How do I determine my sock size?

Size Chart Toe Socksana 
Fits US women's Shoe from size 5 to US size 10.5
Fits EU women's Shoe from size 35 to US size 41

How can I shrink my bunions naturally?

While you can't truly "shrink" a bunion without surgery, you can manage symptoms and possibly slow its progression with certain exercises, toe spacers, and wearing appropriate footwear that doesn't squeeze the toes.

Is walking barefoot better for bunions?

Walking barefoot can be beneficial for some people, as it allows the foot to move naturally without the constraints of shoes. However, this depends on the individual and the surface you're walking on. For some, walking barefoot can exacerbate bunion pain.

Can you straighten a bunion without surgery?

Bunions can't be truly straightened without surgery. However, orthotics, toe spacers, and exercises might help alleviate symptoms and prevent further progression.

Can you stop a bunion from progressing?

While you cannot completely stop the progression, wearing wide-toed shoes, using orthotics, and avoiding high heels can help in slowing its progress.

What is the main cause of bunions?

Bunions are often caused by a combination of factors including inherited foot shape, biomechanics, and wearing shoes that are too tight, narrow, or high-heeled.

What is the fastest way to get rid of a bunion?

The only way to completely get rid of a bunion is through surgery. Otherwise, management strategies focus on symptom relief and prevention of progression.

Toe alignment socks do they work?

Toe alignment socks, designed to spread and realign the toes, have gained popularity for providing relief from foot pain, promoting better circulation, and offering relaxation. While many users report positive experiences, especially after wearing tight shoes, their efficacy can vary among individuals. For persistent or severe foot issues, it's crucial to consult a podiatrist or foot specialist, as these socks are not a replacement for comprehensive medical interventions.

Sootheez Toe alignment socks do they work?

Sootheez Toe alignment socks can provide temporary relief from foot pain and discomfort for some people. However, their long-term efficacy in permanently realigning toes is anecdotal.

What socks are good for separating toes? 

Toe alignment socks or toe separator socks, often made from stretchy materials, are specifically designed for this purpose. Brands like YogaToes and Correct Toes are popular among users.

Are toe spacer socks good? 

For those experiencing foot discomfort or looking to give their toes some relaxation after wearing tight shoes, toe spacer socks can be beneficial. They can also aid in improving circulation.

Is it good to wear toe separators? 

Wearing toe separators can help in alleviating pressure points, improving circulation, and providing relaxation. However, their use should be based on personal comfort and specific foot needs.

How many hours should you wear toe separators? 

Initially, it's recommended to wear them for shorter periods (15-30 minutes) and gradually increase the duration. However, always follow manufacturer guidelines and listen to your body's comfort signals.

Is it OK to sleep with toe separators? 

While some people find comfort in sleeping with toe separators, it's essential to ensure they don't cause any discomfort or restrict circulation. It's best to start with short durations before attempting overnight use.

Why is spreading your toes good? 

Spreading your toes can help improve foot posture, enhance circulation, relieve pressure points, and provide a broader base of support, potentially leading to better balance.

Can you leave toe separators on overnight?  

While it's possible for some people, it's essential to ensure there's no discomfort, pressure, or restricted circulation. If you're considering wearing them overnight, it's advisable to do so gradually and ensure they're specifically designed for prolonged wear.