2 quick tips to help you choose the best socks company & quality socks (updated)

We all have been in the situation to decide what socks to buy, what's the best high arch support, bunions alignment or compression socks.

What's the best company that produce high quality socks?

Here are some tips to help answer your questions:

1. Be smart and check their social media

Visit company Facebook page that usually is on the bottom of the store. From the social media you can define if the company is legit and its product quality.

a. Company legitimacy

  • Do they have the same sock company name on Facebook?
    • Example: Our Company is Socksana
  • Has Facebook page the same logo and images as their store?
    • Example
  • How often do they post?
    • Example
      Socks Post News

b. Product quality

  • Check the comments to see what customers say about the the socks
    • Example
      Socks with the best reviews

1. Check their website

  • Check product page
    • Are photos made in the US or where the company states that it's located?
    • Do they ship from the US?
    • Do they have customer reviews/feedbacks?
    • Do they reply to the customer reviews?
  • Visit Contact Page
    • Is there a phone number?
    • Is there a company address?
  • Check Store Blog
    • Do they post articles or blogs?
  • Check Store Footer
    • Are the social media links active?
    • Is there a Refund Policy, Shipping Info, Returns & Exchange?

Congratulations, you now have learned how to choose the right sock company :)

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