What most people don't know about foot pain as you age?

The importance of foot health and aging is not just a phenomenon. Here are three easy things you can do now to take care of your feet in the long run. 

three easy things you can do now to take care of your feet

1.  Keep your feet dry and warm. Chilly temperatures can cause several issues like dry skin which we are all aware of however it can also have a huge effect on circulation. The issue tends not to be the cold itself but what you are placing on your feet, via footwear. Some of the common problems include athletes foot, breaks and fractures, swelling and inflammation.

2. Finding the right shoe for your foot type is essential. Our feet are all unique. Whether you have flat feet, high arches or bunions, make sure you are selecting the proper foot wear to keep your feet comfortable all day long. 

3. A soothing shoe sole and compression are the key! No wonder doctors recommend using compression socks worldwide for pain and inflammation. It is a miracle worker to held reduce foot pain and swelling helping keep your feet healthy. Soothing your foot sole will allow your feet to remain healthy and  rest pain free!



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